Blow the Whistle!

The posts to this blog reference several other National Park Service whistleblowers. Have you reported your observations of corruption, nepotism, sexual harassment, civil rights violations, etc.? If not, please consider making an official report now. You can do so anonymously.

Other NPS employees have been referenced here who had the courage to speak out. Please feel free to share your experiences in a comment on this post, and be assured that your anonymity will be respected and protected. All comments are moderated, and you can request that your comment not be made public.


Bruce Schundler said...

Filing a fairly simply FOIA request within the NPS can be difficult and frustrating; it also can lead to blatant and obvious retaliation. On my website--- --- I've described my own experiences...while filing a FOIA request in 2009 and currently while involved in a Whistleblower case. Now that we've reached the Investigation and Prosecution Division of the OSC, I feel I can tell the complete story in what I call the "Dark Side of the NPS".

One part describes some of the not-very-subtle intimidation and misrepresentations that occurred throughout my FOIA request(s) in 2009.

And the second part describes the retaliation my wife and I experienced when we were supposed to return to Mesa Verde NP this past summer----and why we are involved in a Whistleblower Protection Act case that has reached the Investigation and Prosecution Division of the Office of Special Counsel.

It's all so very sad!

And if our experiences are examples of what can happen to two people in one small part of our government, then no wonder so many federal employees are afraid to ask questions, file FOIA requests, or challenge even the most wasteful decisions!

Anonymous said...

The National Park Service is the only federal organization where one person at the park level is in charge of contracting and the money. This creates an unethical contracting environment. Contracting is sometimes forced to make unprofessional business decisions because contracting is within the rating chain of the local park fiefdom. In other federal agencies, contracting works at the customer level, but to prevent the customer from forcing unethical or unprofessional contracting practices, contracting has its own chain of command and performance evaluations are conducted by contracting at the next higher step in the chain of command; not by the customer.

I have notified my congressman, and have written to the President of the United States and the Department of Interior asking that the organizational structure of the National Park Service be changed to prevent unethical contracting practices from occurring.

Besides, a Chief of Admin should be in charge of administrative tasks only. Not Contracting (a legal field), not Resource Management (a financial field), not Information Technology (a technology field), just administration.

Olympic National Park has it all- Civil rights violations, married people in the same rating chain, nepotism, sexual harassment, harassment, back-stabbing / manipulative / self-promoting HR, procurement fraud…

Do your duty and report your park.

Anonymous said...

Abolish the NPS altogether! They have become nothing more than jack-booted thugs with badges. The thugs here at GCNRA recently pulled a local 66 year old man out of his pick-up, beat him, took him to jail, and impounded his truck. His crime, 58 in a 55 zone. The victim subsequently had a heart attack and had to be life-flighted to Flagstaff.

Sarah Westwood said...

I am a reporter with the Washington Examiner writing a story about over-zealous law enforcement practices in national parks. I am looking to speak with anyone who has personally encountered abuse at the hands of a National Park Service Ranger. Whoever runs this site (or reads this comment and has a story to share), please contact me at sarahcwestwood@gmail, as I would like to get in touch over this subject and could not find other contact information for you. You seem to know people who have experienced this sort of over-criminalization. Thank you.